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Hypno Clinic has been help patients and clients for over 20 years. With over 50,000 downloads we have a satiation rating of 94% among customers based on over 8,000 reviews. Here’s what some of them had to say:

I’ve quit! Smoking has plagued my life for the past 25 years,  After sitting down and listening to you session 3 times I quit!! It’s now been ten weeks since my last cigarette and I already feel better. I couldn’t have done it without your session. THANK YOU.   Hanna Stone – Dublin, Ireland

I use to suffer from insomnia, I tried everything and medication was the only thing that ever worked. I was never a believer in Hypnosis and thought it was fake. However one night at 3AM I decided what is there to lose? After one session I was asleep in 15 minutes. This stuff works.

Sara Byrne – North Carolina, USA.

I had problems with gambling and drinking for years, until I seen a recommendation from a friend on Facebook about Self Hypno Clinic so I thought I’d give it a go.  Literally after one session my anxiety about gambling had reduced massively and within a space of a week I had reduced my drinking by half. This was 1 year ago and it has changed my life. Steve Ramon  – California, USA.

I’ve struggled with fluctuating weight for over 10 years (since I had my first child). I knew what was wrong (bad diet mostly) but I never had the energy/time/head space to do anything about it. I came across Self Hypno’s Weight Loss program and said I’d give it a go. WELL, all I can say is it’s the best money I’ve ever spent, and only $49 LOL. In June 2017 I weighed 80KG (176 pounds), I now weight 63KG (139 pounds) and I’ve felt healthier.   Shirley McMann – Minnesota, USA

Smoking has been a curse in my life since I was teenager, I tried everything to stop including therapy but my willpower when never strong enough. My husband bought be ‘Stop Smoking’ by Self Hypno Clinic back in February (some valentines gift 🙂 ) but it was honestly the best thing he’s ever bought me, I didn’t believe in Hypnotherapy before the effect this session had was incredible, my will power to quit was all of a sudden there. It’s now 25 weeks since my last smoke.  Elaine Cantwell- Sydney, Australia

I have bought several tapes from Self Hypno now and it has helped me through some difficult times. In particular my fear of flying- since I was a child I have been petrified of getting on a plane. I now listen to Tony’s session the night before flying and I’m perfectly fine, it’s incredible.   John Knomes – Essex, UK