Hypnosis to quit smoking

Imagine your life as a healthy, richer non-smoker!

You know you need to stop smoking – it costs too much and it is seriously damaging your health. You have tried everything, it might have even worked before,  it seemed like you finally kicked the habit but after some time the need to smoke just overtook you again. You feel like you will never be able to do it.

You are not alone.

Your addiction to smoking is not just physical.

You are psychologically dependent on cigarettes and no matter how hard you try with nicotine replacement you will always feel the need to light up a cigarette.

You need to tackle the psychological addiction directly and self hypnosis is the perfect way to do this. Hypnosis will allow your brain to believe that you never smoked. Just think about that… you won’t need willpower because the very thought of a cigarette will repulse you.

You can truly become a non smoker, for good.

In fact, the evidence is clear that hypnosis can help people quit smoking as covered by Harvard University here.

Imagine life:

  • Healthier and living longer!
  • With more money to spend. The average person spends $2,200 a year on smoking.
  • Being proud to have reduced or stopped your smoking.


Tony Fallon’s self hypno sessions, designed and narrated by him are a proven way to change your habits and behaviours in one sitting mind, quickly you can begin to think, feel and act like a non-smoker. Using a blend of Hypnosis, NLP and psychology (unique to Tony) we break you free from your smoking habit.

Be free from smoking, instantly with our Self Hypno Clinic session.