Past Life Regression

Past Life Exploration & Healing

Everyone holds an innate ability to re-experience some of the events from a previous life. From medical problems to retelling stories around a scar or old accident. For instance, intense sore throat might be as a result of strangling or choking in a past life. As a soul comes back to life over and over, it recreates these experiences. In most instances, these experiences do not make sense to us. We only feel them in the form of intense subconscious experiences like phobias, anxiety, panic, obsessions, and even in some cases, pain that cannot be explained.

This past life regression hypnosis session from Tony is directed towards helping to address these issues that are only buried deep within our subconscious. It will hep you resolve any emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing.

Past life regression can manifest in several forms; random emotional outbursts, self-harm, feelings of numbness, and several others. The session is simply targeted at addressing the root of the problem, which is the subconscious.

Regression therapy is designed to reach further and heal deeper on multiple levels compared to most other therapeutic approaches. Some of these approaches include:

  • Guided hypnosis into your past life
  • Recognition and the overcoming of a body at death
  • Settling all unfinished business in past life
  • Use of spiritual guides and mediation.
  • Handling dissociation as a result of a trauma
  • Unfreezing blocked emotional and mental energy from past life using psychodrama
  • Exploring and modifying current life memory
  • Integrating past and current lives

Imagine life:

  • Healthier and living with your past life haunting you.
  • Healing past pains and trauma that is haunting your subconscious mind.
  • Being proud to have reduced or stopped your smoking.


Be free from your past life with this Self Hypno Clinic session.