Lose Weight Now

Lose weight for the long term!

You aren’t happy with the way you look. The extra weight is effecting your confidence, your health and your happiness. You have known this for a long time but no matter how much you want to you just can’t seem to lose it.

You have tried everything – dieting, healthy eating, exercising, and all the latest tricks. Nothing has worked.

Maybe you even lost some weight for a while but it was impossible to keep it up and you ended up putting it all back on again. You feel defeated and lost.

This doesn’t have to be you life. Now you can take back control. Change the way your mind works, so that you are motivated to not only lose weight but to keep it off for good. With self hypnosis it is all possible.

Learn about the benefits here from Harvard.

Imagine life:

  • Healthier and living longer!
  • Looking fantastic and slimmer than you have been in years.
  • Being proud to be slimmer and for shedding pounds.


Tony Fallon’s self hypno sessions, designed and narrated by him are a proven way to change your habits and behaviours in one sitting mind, quickly you can begin to lose weight. Using a blend of Hypnosis, NLP and psychology (unique to Tony) we help you get the body you want.

Be slim with our Self Hypno Clinic session.