Get Motivated to Exercise

Get motivated to Exercise with Self Hypnosis!

You want to get in your best shape, feel healthy, feel strong. You know all the reasons why you should be exercising but after a long day you just can’t find the motivation.

You always find a good excuse – you don’t have time, you’re too tired, too busy but deep down you know you just don’t want to.

You promise yourself it will be better next month but it never is.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Imagine wanting to exercise so much that you wouldn’t dream of missing it. With self hypnosis you could be that person. Exercise will become part of your daily routine that you will genuinely look forward to.

Imagine life:

  • Healthier and living longer!
  • Slimmer and with energy to enjoy your day.
  • Being proud of your achievements in the gym.


Tony Fallon’s self hypno sessions, designed and narrated by him are a proven way to change your habits and behaviours in one sitting mind, quickly you get motivated to get yourself to the gym or out for a run. Using a blend of Hypnosis, NLP and psychology (unique to Tony) we get you mentally and physically motivated to put in that workout you know you need.

Break free from laziness and WANT to go for that workout with the Self Hypno Clinic.